PHS Loves Scouts!

We have so much fun with the scout groups that come here and will continue to provide services to all types of scouts, including the various levels of girl and boy scouts, helping meet badge requirements and providing assistance with eagle scout projects. 

While our opportunities for scouts continue to grow, we will continue to update this page, but please understand that it is currently a work in progress.  In the meantime, if you have a specific request not recognized on this page, please contact us and we will do everything possibly to accommodate your request.


The number one request we receive from scout groups in general is a field trip (click to find out more details), because it is offered at the same discounted rate as a school field trip.  Many times, our field trips cover topics that are or may be in a badge you want to address now or in the future. 

We can however customize the field trip to include a time after the tour to discuss and cover certain topics that you may want your group to learn about, whether to increase their knowledge on the topic or to help meet badge requirements.

PHS actually helps meet badge requirements that aren't even reptile-related!  Please see the list of current badges we offer assistance with below.  To be clear, we do not provide the badges or any authorizations - only content knowledge and experiences for the scouts.  There are three ways to utilize the Boy Scout and Girl Scout Badge opportunities we have outlined below:

1) book a field trip and schedule time for an additional presentation after the field trip

2) book a presentation at a location of your choosing

3) schedule a workshop at our facility that your troop or other troops could register for and participate in


Please contact Olivia Bogues, PHS Conservation Educator, for details on pricing and which option may be best for you by email at  Please include in your email if you are with Girl or Boy Scouts, the age range you work with, the badge or workshop you are interested in scheduling, and then your specific questions.


Other opportunities for scouts that we can accommodate include hosting field days and eagle scout projects!  Please click here for more information on how we handle eagle scout project requests.


Boy Scouts Badges That We Offer Supplemental Activities For:

  • Citizenship In The Community (focusing on how to be a good & responsible citizen as it relates to animals and wildlife as well as the importance of recreation areas and trails, the importance of community service groups and non-profit organizations, and discussing a current issue relating to reptiles in Arizona)
  • Fish & Wildlife Management (focusing on the meaning and purpose of conservations, threats to wildlife and natural resources, solutions to those threats, creating backyard habitats, endangered/threatened/exotic/game/migratory species, and how wildlife changes according to habitats and geographic region)
  • Disabilities Awareness (focusing on terminology, varieties of disabilities, etiquette, how we provide certain accommodations at our facility - and finding aspects that could be improved- and how we learned to work with special needs people, how animals can have special needs and the relationship this can create with special needs humans, and encouraging advocacy)
  • Gardening (focusing on potential local hazards while gardening as well as what to do if they happen or are encountered, discuss nutritional value of a variety of plants - in relation to herbivore reptiles as well as humans)
  • Hiking (focusing on local hiking hazards including but not limited to snakes, other reptiles, what to do if snake-bit, and ethical practices while hiking)
  • Insect Study (focusing on identifying characteristics, anatomy, main orders/groups of insects, relationships between insects and humans or other animals - parasitic, commensal, & mutualistic, metamorphosis, and their potential role in a food chain or food web)
  • Reptiles & Amphibians (focusing on characteristics, distributions, diversity, etc. among the different groups of amphibians and reptiles as well as their ecological importance, life cycles, venomous reptiles, preparing for maintaining or observing a captive reptile or amphibian, and dispelling myths about these creatures)
  • Plant Science (focusing on parts of flowers, how humans and animals depend on plants, differentiating native and non-native plants, and preparing for the field botany option)
  • Nature (focusing on native animals at risk, food chains, venomous snakes, & recognizing species from signs of wildlife)
  • Sustainability (focusing on species decline & plastic waste)
  • Veterinary Medicine (focusing on veterinary school and specialized training, the human-animal bond, and hands-on treatment of medical animals at our facility)
  • Environmental Science (focusing on  terminology and an ecosystem activity relating to endangered species and pollution prevention & conservation)

Girl Scout Badges That We Offer Supplemental Activities For:

(there are some examples in parentheses to show some of the ways we use our unique resources to teach about a particular topic, but we don't want to give away all our secrets!) =)

  • Brownie:
    • Senses
    • Home Scientist
    • Pets
    • Painting **
    • Bugs
    • Philanthropist
    • Give Back
  • Junior:
    • Camper (not overnight)
    • Scribe (using the animals at the sanctuary as inspiration for writing poems and stories)
    • Animal Habitats
    • Flowers
    • Inside Government (with a focus on reptiles in the pet trade or wild reptiles)
    • Drawing
    • First Aid
    • Business Owner
  • Cadette:
    • Public Speaker
    • Eating for Beauty (how diet has affected animals at our rescue and helping the girls make connections as to why they should make healthy and informed decisions about what they themselves eat)
    • Screenwriter
    • Science of Happiness
    • Animal Helpers
    • Comic Artist
    • Finding Common Ground
    • First Aid
    • Trees
    • Budgeting (for a new animal pet)
    • Comparison Shopping
  • Senior:
    • Adventurer
    • Room Makeover ** (for an animal's habitat)
    • Truth Seeker
    • Novelist
    • Voice for Animals
    • Traveler (to see an animal in their natural habitat that they saw during their field trip)
    • Social Innovator
    • Collage Artist
    • First Aid
    • Financing My Future
  • Ambassador:
    • Photographer
    • First Aid
    • Water
    • Public Policy

We can also help with the Girl Scout Make Your Own Badge at any level!

** These badges will have an extra fee of $5 per participant to cover extra materials that we will supply for this badge's activities.