The Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary has over 200 venomous snakes, 70+ species, from all over the world and we maintain the largest antivenom bank in the western United States. 

Why is this such an important asset to have? The purpose of our antivenom bank is to provide safety for our staff that work with exotic venomous snakes on a daily basis and to offer a program for other zoos or facilities to have access as well. Our antivenom bank contains antivenom for dozens of exotic venomous species from  King Cobras to Inland Taipans.

Who can participate in this program? Facilities that subscribe to our antivenom bank pay a yearly fee to have access to our antivenom. It takes special permits to import antivenom so this program allows facilities to bypass that process by having a membership.

If you are a permitted facility and would be interested in having membership in our antivenom bank, please email for more information.