Rattlesnake Hotline: 602.550.1090

Find A Snake A Little Too Close For Comfort?

The first thing you should always do is to stay calm & collected, then take two big steps away from the snake.

  • Do not run.  If you are not calm & running away, you are more likely to trip and fall and cause damage to yourself.
  • Do not approach the snake for any reason.  Do not try to hurt, kill, move, or photograph the snake.  Back up and give it plenty of space so that everyone feels safer.
  • Call a professional to remove the snake & relocate it to a safe, appropriate habitat.  Our hotline number for snake calls & removal is 602.550.1090.  Cost is $100 for any snake call, which is less expensive than a hospital visit from trying to remove the snake yourself.
  • Even nonvenomous snakes can bite.  We always say anything with a mouth can bite.  Treat all snakes (and all animals for that matter) with respect and distance and you are going to be okay.
  • Prevention is priority!  Learn how to keep yourself and your family safe and you will be prepared for any situation, including rattlesnakes in your yard.

Here are some tips for keeping your yard or home as snake-free as possible:

  • Keep grass trimmed so that it is too short for snakes to hide in.
  • Keep yard free of debris, including wood piles, litter, etc.
  • Wear heavy work gloves when working outside.
  • Make sure all opening, including foundation cracks, AC's, exhaust fans, etc. are closed and/or sealed.
  • Pay attention to where you place your hands and feet at all times.
  • Wear shoes when outside and at night, especially in situations that could involve a hiding snake, such as moving a garbage can or lawnmower.
  • Before beginning any garden projects, use a rake to make sure the area is clear of all snakes before putting your hands into an area where a snake could be hiding.
  • These tips will help you be safe and coexist with our native snake inhabitants.

While you can call us at 602-501-2930 if you have a Rattlesnake in your yard, we wanted to be able to offer you a different option for long-term protection!

We have partnered with our friends over at Rattlesnake Solutions to promote Snake Fencing! Click their name and get a FREE QUOTE! They always do a quality job. Thanks for doing your part to coexist with reptiles and other desert creatures!

For more information about venomous snakes and to learn how to safely remove one from your own yard, you should consider enrolling in our Venomous Snake Training Course!  It is 3 hours long, includes a lecture regarding all kinds of snakes, but focusing on venomous snakes, and concludes with hands-on training with live non-venomous then venomous snakes from the PHS sanctuary.  This is a safe place and way to learn the procedures that our staff and volunteers use on snake removals and receive immediately feedback on your performance by our professionals.  Cost is $75 per person, with the option to upgrade (which includes the tongs and bucket as well).  To attend or schedule a training session, contact Olivia Bogues, our PHS Conservation Educator at 480.513.4377 ext. 5 or Olivia@phoenixherp.com .  We also conduct Venomous Snake Training Courses for businesses, homeowner's associations, contractors, fire departments, etc. so that anyone interested and willing can learn how to remove venomous snakes for everyone's safety, including the snake.


Snake Bites!

It is unfortunate, but most snake bites occur with males between the ages of 18 & 35, are on the hand or forearm, and usually alcohol is involved.  Don't be a statistic!

If something does happen, however, and you or someone you know is bitten by a venomous snake, follow these guidelines:

Go directly to the nearest hospital, if you cannot call an ambulance.  Do not let the bitten person drive.  Always call 911 first.
Do not make or apply a tourniquet.  It is a myth that tourniquets stop the venom.
Do not attempt to "suck the venom out".
Do not assume it was a "dry bite" (when a venomous snake bites, but injects no venom) and that you are okay.  Seek medical attention immediately.  It may be a cliche, but it is better to be safe than sorry.
If bitten on the hand, immediately remove all jewelry before swelling begins.
Stay calm and make all movements slowly and carefully.  Do not cause any more harm to yourself on the way to the hospital.
Do not apply ice to the bite area.
Do not attempt to catch or kill the snake to bring it to the hospital for identification.  This is even more dangerous and takes precious time away from getting the bite victim to a medical professional.
You can call Banner Good Sam's Poison & Drug Information Center Hotline at 1.800.222.1222.  You should always have this number programmed in your cell phone.


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