Please note: CAPYBARA will be visible on the facility tour but only PRIVATE TOURS will be able to interact with them. This ensures that the Capys are not over stimulated. Thank you for understanding.


Ages: ALL - Our staff will adjust the content and curriculum to meet the students' needs, no matter the age!

Duration: 2-2.5 Hours


  • $25 Adults 
  • $20 Children
  • $20 Seniors
  • 0-3 Years old are free
  • (prices are for scheduled Facility tours only, other tour prices may vary)


Interact with some of our special animals, which for many people is a once in a lifetime experience.  Guests will get to learn about endangered species, how we contribute to conservation of those animals, some of the considerations we must take into consideration when having these reptiles in Arizona, which reptiles are good pets for children or adults, adaptations of animals from across the world, and much more!  This educational, hands-on, and exciting adventure is definitely one to remember!

Please note that in hot months, tours are mostly conducted during the early morning hours.  However in cooler months, tours are offered in late mornings or early afternoons.  Since reptiles are cold-blooded, we must schedule tours to accommodate when they will be most active and available for guests to view.

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