We are so sorry you have come to a point where you may need to rehome your reptile friend.

We are here to help!

Below you will find some options to try before surrendering your reptile to PHS:

1. Rehome with a friend or family member you trust. This can be a great way to see your reptile friend and keep them close.

2. Rehome through an online resource, such as an Arizona-based reptile Facebook group. There are a few groups on Facebook that you can rehome your animal on. We recommend you do not give the animal away for free, as sometimes those animals get resold for a profit. Make sure that the person who is taking in the animal understands the care and financial needs that reptiles require.

3. Crisis or Financial assistance through Arizona Humane Society. If you are experiencing a need for a temporary foster OR need financial help, our good friends/partners over at the Arizona Humane Society have some amazing programs to help you. Find out more by clicking here.

4. Assistance with proper husbandry. Maybe your snake isn't eating or your lizard has nose-rub, and that can be frustrating. Our reptile keepers would love to help problem-solve to see if there are any ways of changing an animal enclosure to make them more comfortable. Send them an email at Keepers@Phoenixherp.com

Since Green Iguanas in the 1980's, reptiles have become increasingly popular as pets and are now a main component in the pet industry. Many people, however, find that what at first looks like a low maintenance pet becomes more work and care than they can give. 

Before our sanctuary opened in 2001, there was nowhere for unwanted reptile pets to go. Many were released into the desert, (which is usually a death sentence) or were euthanized. PHS opened its doors with 26 surrendered iguanas and now houses many reptiles which were surrendered pets.

Surrender pricing for healthy animals

$45 per Animal $100 per Animal TBD VENOMOUS AXOLOTL
Aquatic Turtles (Red Eared Sliders), Small/Medium Snakes under 5 feet, Small/Medium Tortoises under 25 lbs, Small/Medium Lizards, except Green Iguanas) Large Tortoises over 25 lbs, Large Snakes over 5 feet, Large Lizards Medical Animals Please email Venom@Phoenixherp.com BEFORE making an appointment Please email Casey@Phoenixherp.com BEFORE making an appointment

Our No Kill Sanctuary takes in hundreds of reptiles each year. Some, which are deemed healthy and appropriate, will be placed in our adoption program, but many will live the rest of their lives at our sanctuary.

Please know that surrendering an animal is final and you relinquish the rights to that animal.

All donations are tax deductible, due to our non profit 501(c) 3 status.

If interested, you may donate your supplies and/or equipment with your animal. 


If you have any questions about healthy animal surrenders, please call 480-825-2705