Summer Camp


*Scholarships available, contact us at

No refunds will be given after April 30th (funds may be applied to other camps, events etc)

Thank you for your interest in the Phoenix Herpetological Society’s Summer Camp Program! We are passionate about the conservation of native and exotic reptiles and are excited to share our animals, experience, and knowledge with your child.

We offer before and after care available from 8am to 5pm - available in registration



Neonate camps are for ages 6 & 7             $150

10am to 3pm M-F


All camps (besides Neonate camp) run 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday

8 year old camp                                           $275

Junior Camps are for ages 9 to 11             $275 or $300

Advanced Camps are for ages 12 to 14     $275 or $300

*Prices are per week


May 27th to 31st

Junior Reptile Encounters

8 Year Old Reptile Encounters 


June 3rd to 7th 

Junior Reptile Encounters

Advanced Reptile Encounters


June 10th to 14th

Junior Snake Camp

Junior Turtle & Tortoise 


 June 17th to 21st

Neonate Reptile Encounters 

Junior Snake Camp


June 24th to 28th

Junior Reptile Encounters

Advanced Snake Camp


Day Camps are $75 per day

Croc Day Camp 7/1/2019

Lizard Day Camp 7/2/2019

Turtle Day Camp 7/3/2019

Snake Day Camp 7/5/2019


July 8th to 12th

8 Year Old Reptile Encounters

Junior Croc Camp


July 15th to 19th

Junior Snake Camp

Advanced Croc Camp


July 22nd to 26th

Junior Vet Camp

Advanced Vet Camp


July 29th to August 2nd

Junior Reptile Encounters

Neonate Reptile Encounters


Please Email with any questions!



Registrations are limited because of the hands-on nature of this program.  Your understanding is appreciated!


Want to know more about the camp you are considering signing your child up for?

Click here for camp descriptions!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: How do I register my child for camp?

A: Find the camp that will work best for the age/interest of your child and click the green REGISTER NOW! above.

Q: What is the discount for registering siblings?

A: The first sibling pays the full registration amount and then for any additional children you register, you will take $25 off of their registration fee (which varies among camps).  

Q: What is the discount for registering for more than one camp?

A: Same as above for siblings, $25 discount for each extra camp.

Q: Are there scholarships available?

A: There are partial and full scholarships available.  Please email us.

Q: My child would like to be a camp helper.  What does that entail and how do I sign them up?

A: Email Katelyn (

Basic expectations for CIT's include helping watch campers for safety protocols, that they are following the rules, helping them with activities/games/experiments, passing out snacks, escorting campers to/from the bathroom, and generally assisting the counselor in any way possible.  The more serious responsibilities are always left to the counselor, as they are trained for many more situations, with the animals, and discipline than the CIT's are.

Q: I see the first weeks of camp start on May 28th, which is Memorial Day.  Will there be camp that day?

A: Yes, we will still have camp as normal. Please plan on coming to camp on the 28th if you sign your child up for that week of camp!

Q: What are the major cross streets of where the camp will be held so I can plan my commute?

A: Dynamite & Scottsdale Rd in north Scottsdale.  You will see the physical address of the camp when you complete the registration packet.  Since we are a functioning sanctuary where people surrender their animals, appointments are always required - even if you only wanted to drop off camp papers.  With a small staff and many animals, we require appointments so that we can best accommodate all of our clients and guests.  We appreciate your understanding with this.  Please do not show up to the facility unannounced or without a confirmed appointment.

Q: My child is younger than the age range for the camp they really want to attend and I think they would be totally fine joining the older students.  Can we do that?

A: We understand that many campers, especially those with a pre-existing love for reptiles may seem like a good fit for an older camp, but this is not always the case. We have designed the curricula for each camp to be age appropriate for the range of kids in that camp.  For example, sometimes a parent will want their 8 year old to attend the Junior Reptile Encounters Camp (which is for campers ages 9 - 11).  We want the 8 year old to have as awesome of an experience as the 9 or 10 or 11 year olds also enrolled in that camp, and when we start stretching the age range, we cannot stick to the planned activities because there is such a wider range of knowledge, experience, and maturity than we planned for.  Primarily for this reason, we ask that you sign your child up for the week(s) that fit their age range.  We very rarely make exceptions for this and it is usually for veteran campers that are familiar with PHS, the property & facility, the staff, the rules, and (to some degree) the animals and usually we require them to take a pre-test to make sure they are at an appropriate academic level to enjoy the camp they are trying to enroll in.

Q: My child has attended camp before.  Do we HAVE to fill out another registration packet?

A: Yes. Even if they have attended, the registration packet, including the dates and some of the questions, are different.  In addition, in case of an emergency, we would want (and we hope you would also want) the most up-to-date and accurate information about your child & their health & your contact information.  We appreciate you taking the time to complete the registration packets completely.

Q: Why are there so many personal/medical questions on the registration packet?

A: Again, this is for the ultimate safety (especially in the unlikely event of emergency) of your child.  This information is considered private and confidential - only Katelyn Garcia (Camp Director), Olivia Bogues (PHS Conservation Educator), and the camp counselors will have access to this information. In addition for example, we train our counselors on what to do for allergies or for campers with multiple types of special needs (mental, behavioral, physical, etc.) and we need to have that information (if relevant) so that our counselors are prepared to give your child the best possible experience.  In the past, we have not been informed that a child has been diagnosed as having Asperger's for example, and the counselor was not prepared to present the information or address potential discipline issues (and actually avoid them with our training) because they were unaware of the diagnosis.  We do not ask these questions to invade privacy - it is for the overall safety and best experience for your child.

Q: Are there before and after care options?  I work/have to drop off other kids/am in school/etc and cannot make the normal drop-off/pick-up times.

A: Yes.  You can choose the before or after hour care options that you need. During before/after care, campers will help counselors put animals away, may play games (depending on how many children are in before or after care that day), may help prepare animal food, etc.  We do not just plop them in front of a TV and let them watch a video.  They remain engaged with the counselor the whole time until you arrive for check out.

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