Come See Reptiles At Our Sanctuary!

Interact with the animals!! Featuring Azul the Blue tongue skink!

Ages: ALL - Our staff will adjust the content and curriculum to meet the students' needs, no matter the age!

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Price: $10 per Student (or per adult for an adult field trip), $8 per chaperone

Interactions are an essential part of our tours!


Want to get your students out of the classroom and up close & personal with some live animals? 

Our field trips are a great way to do that! 

Field trips at the Phoenix Herpetological Society include a behind-the-scenes look at a reptile sanctuary and its inhabitants.  On the  tour, students will learn about over 1700 reptiles including:

  • tortoises, like our native Sonoran Desert Tortoise as well as the three largest species of tortoises in the world
  • large lizards such as iguanas and the carnivorous monitors and tegus
  • venomous snakes (safely within in their habitats/enclosures of course) such as rattlesnakes, cobras, and mambas
  • 22 species of crocodilians (the second largest collection in the country) with alligators, crocodiles, caimans, and gharials.
  • non-venomous snakes such as king snakes, ball pythons, and gopher snakes
  • small lizards like bearded dragons and chuckwallas

PHS Field Trips are very hands-on and interactive; we give students the chance to meet, touch, and interact with as many animals as possible while teaching about adaptations, life histories, and considerations that we must take into account by having them at our sanctuary. We also teach about desert safety and what to do if they ever see a rattlesnake in the wild.

It is definitely a unique experience that students will not forget.  They get the chance to hold a lizard and a snake...for many kids, this is the first (and maybe the only!) time they will ever do that.  They learn about safety and responsibility of having a reptile as a pet and they learn why reptiles are such amazing animals. 

Our field trips have been the spark that ignited a passion for reptiles in many young people and we are proud to offer field trips all year long.