Part of the PHS mission is to help lost reptiles! Here is what you can do if you find a reptile on the loose!


1. Get the reptile to a safe place.

If the reptile is an animal you would feel comfortable touching (i.e. a tortoise, turtle, bearded dragon, etc.) and it is in the road or any other place where it could get injured, move it out of that area. Proceed with caution with an animal you do not know, however, because anything with a mouth could bite. 

2. Ask around your neighborhood.

Go up to the houses around the area where you found that reptile and ask if anyone is missing their pet. It is best to do this the same day that you find the reptile.

If you have access to Nextdoor or any other neighborhood communication app, make a post on there and see if anyone comes forward.

3. Put up found pet flyers.

If no one can identify the pet when you ask around the neighborhood, make a flyer that includes a picture of the reptile, any identifying information about that pet, and your contact information. Place them around your neighborhood in a wider area and see if anyone comes forward within the next couple of days.

4. CALL 480-825-2705 and schedule to bring the animal to PHS.

If no one has responded to your flyers, contact the keepers at PHS and schedule to bring in the lost reptile. We will ask you information about the reptile, like where it was found, so that we can identify it if someone comes looking.  


If the lost animal is injured:

  • See if you can find its owner as quickly as possible.
  • If you cannot find its owner, contact an emergency vet and see if they can take care of the lost animal.


Unfortunately, PHS cannot take in severely injured animals. We do not have an on-site veterinarian to provide them with the immediate care that they need.