Learn to Live With The Sonoran Desert!

Attention Organizations, Businesses & HOA’s!!

The Phoenix Herpetological Society now offers a chance for businesses & homeowners to learn how to safely live in and with the Sonoran Desert.  This 1-hour seminar teaches you about:

· Desert Wildlife & Identification, including Native Venomous Reptiles (i.e., Rattlesnakes, Gila Monsters) , Other Venomous Creatures (i.e., scorpions, spiders), & Non-Venomous Wildlife

· Conservation & the importance of coexistence with the natural world

· Tips for keeping wildlife out of your house:

- Securing your yard & fence from unwanted guests & pests

- Helpful Hints about property maintenance, including inexpensive, but effective, material suggestions

- Resources for continual safety (i.e., Rattlesnake removal)

After the seminar, there will be a 30-minute Q & A so that you can ask an expert your individual questions and gain more peace of mind.

Cost is $300 and includes resource materials for participants, live animals during lecture, and unlimited participants.  Most Living With The Desert Seminars occurr off-site, at a community clubhouse or business conference room for example.

The Phoenix Herpetological Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit reptile rescue & sanctuary.  All funds related to participation in this seminar are tax-deductible and go to the direct care & maintenance of over 1700+ animals at the PHS facility.