PHS Mission Statement

"Promote conservation and preservation of native and non-native reptiles through education, rehabilitation, rescue, and relocation"

The Phoenix Herpetological Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is a statewide facility that includes a surrender facility, education program, summer camps and rescue and rehabilitation.

PHS focuses on two specific goals:

Rescue and Rehabilitation

The need for a sanctuary was not only for non-native but native species as well. Currently PHS is home to animals of which 90% are pet trade type animals. We assist the general public, humane societies, animal welfare leagues, animal control departments,  law enforcement and other organizations across the United States.  For example, PHS assisted the SPCA on a rescue in Texas a few years ago where we picked up 572 animals. Many of these animals were rehabilitated, some were adopted, and many still call PHS home.  

Conservation Education
Conservation begins with education. Our desert (and our planet) is in serious jeopardy. It is imperative to teach our youth the importance each animal plays in our eco-system. Last year the PHS outreach program touched 250,000 people. These were primarily school-aged children and teenagers.