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Inspired by our awesome summer camp curricula & designed to give budding young herpetologists a chance to learn about reptiles & PHS while on Fall Breaks from school, PHS now offers full day camps(ages 9-12)  and 1/2 day Advanced Keepers (12-14) and Little Keepers (6-9)!!


Week 1

  • 10/3 Junior Reptile Day Camp
  • 10/3 Advanced Keepers
  • 10/4 Junior Tortoise Day Camp
  • 10/4 Advanced Keepers
  • 10/5 Junior Snake Day Camp
  • 10/5 Advanced Keepers
  • 10/6 Junior Lizard Day Camp
  • 10/6 Advanced Keepers
  • 10/7 Junior Croc Day Camp
  • 10/7 Advanced Keepers
  • 10/8 Advanced Keepers

Week 2 (This week CampDoc says Advanced Keepers for the half days BUT it is Little keepers for 6-9 year olds)

  • 10/10 Junior Reptile Day Camp
  • 10/10 Little Keepers
  • 10/11 Junior Tortoise Day Camp
  • 10/11 Little Keepers
  • 10/12 Junior Snake Day Camp
  • 10/12 Little Keepers
  • 10/13 Junior Lizard Day Camp
  • 10/13 Little Keepers
  • 10/14 Junior Croc Day Camp
  • 10/14 Little Keepers
  • 10/15 Little Keepers

November Dates

  • 11/23 Junior Reptile Day Camp
  • 11/23 Advanced Keepers
  • 11/25 Junior Snake Day Camp
  • 11/25 Advanced Keepers



FULL DAY CAMP: focuses on a specific group of animals and includes physical activity and art, math, science, & technology orientated activities.  They will also participate in animal care, have special animal interactions, and increase their social awareness & sense of responsibility through conservation discussions and helping the reptiles that call PHS home. 

  • Hours are 9am to 4pm
  • There is also an option of before care, starting at 8:00 am, and after care, ending at 5:00 pm. 
  • Cost is $75 per day
  • Each child needs to bring his/her own lunch.  PHS will provide water as well as morning and afternoon snacks. 
  • Each day camp has a minimum requirement of 5 participants and maximum of 15 participants.

1/2 DAY CAMP: focuses on helping take care of the animals by changing water, feeding, giving baths etc. There's lots of interaction time in the "Keepers" program but the "Keepers" are not participating in crafts/games like in the day camps.

  • Hours are 9am to 12pm
  • There is NO before or after care
  • Cost is $50 per day
  • NO Lunch needed.  PHS will provide water as well as morning snacks. 
  • Each day camp has a minimum requirement of 5 participants and maximum of 10 participants.

With questions, email our Education Director, Katelyn Garcia, at Katelyn@phoenixherp.com 

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