Our Endangered Breeding Program is called COBRA CARE, which stands for:

COnservation through


Rare, endangered, or

At-risk reptiles with


Captive care




Below are some of the snake species we are currently trying to breed, either actively or ones which we are in the process of looking for mates, waiting for reproductive maturity or breeding size, etc.

  • Milos Viper
  • Tortuga Island Rattlesnake
  • Cerralvo Island Rattlesnake
  • Ridgenose Rattlesnake
  • Yellow Blotched Palm Vipers
  • Twin Spotted Rattesnakes
  • Speckled Forrest Pit Viper

Although it is not just for snakes, COBRA CARE has resulted in the hatching or live births of many important species, such as Siamese Crocodiles and Nile Crocodiles.

With the acquisition of a male Chinese Alligator, one of the most endangered reptile species in the world, we are now proceeding with COBRA CARE for the Chinese Alligators at our facility.  We hope that they will reproduce to contribute to the ever-decreasing population of this species on the planet, in the wild or in captivity.


We have also successfully bred Grand Cayman Blue Rock Iguanas and Rhinoceros Iguanas.