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Friday, February 14, 2020

Send a SPECIAL AND UNIQUE gift to someone you love!
The animals listed under each are what's available for the Repti-gram!

Text/ Email the Repti-gram for a quick and kind message! (Will be sent on Valentines Day!)
-Bearded Dragon, Leopard Gecko, Sulcata Tortoise, Gopher Snake, California Kingsnake

Mail out a Repti-gram! We send out a full 8.5 x 11 page certificate to whoever you want the message to go to! (Will be mailed before Valentines Day!)
American Alligator, Morlet's Crocodile, Gila Monster, Bearded Dragon, Leopard Gecko, Crested Gecko, California Kingsnake, Ball Python, Desert Tortoise, Sulcata Tortoise

COME TO PHS for a tour and take PICTURES in our "Sweetheart Area" ! (Includes 2 people) Must come on February 14th at 12pm, more details will be emailed.
American Alligator, Dwarf Reticulated Python, Green Anaconda, Bearded Dragons(2), Leopard gecko, Ball Python(2), California Kingsnake

Email us if you have a certain reptile that is not listed. We might be able to work something out for you!

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