The Keeper Program is designed to give children too young to participate in our Adult Volunteer Program a chance to learn and work at PHS.  Each day  is three hours long and does have a specific outline of activities & expectations.

After check-in, the keepers & their counselor will gather together, review the rules and behavior expectations, then give an overview of the day's activities.  After learning about the animals, their care needs, and other details for a brief time, the junior keepers will then begin their work.  At the conclusion of the animal care activities ("work"), they will gather again for dis.  This quick discussion will help make sure the participants understand the value of their efforts and why it truly matters.

While this is a community service opportunity, it is also a service learning opportunity.  We believe that the participants should get more than just required hours of community service for their school or organization - we believe that they should be given the opportunity to learn and grow from the experience.

Little keeper days are for ages 6-8

Junior Keepers are for ages 9-12

Advanced Keepers are for ages 12-15

For current dates available - Check out the various camp schedules here