PHS Volunteer Mission Statement

Support the PHS Mission Statement, while providing care for PHS animals by learning, serving, and contributing to PHS rescue and conservation efforts.

Volunteering at PHS provides an opportunity to learn about all reptiles, meet people with common interests and play a role in the success of our mission statement.

SCALES is the acronym for our volunteer program as a whole and stands for:

Service Learning,
Civic Responsibility, and
Animal Welfare:
Learning through
Experiences for
Students and Volunteers

SCALES encompasses our youth volunteer program, our adult volunteer program, our internship program, and out collaborations with community service groups.

PHS rescues well over 600 animals each year, and we depend on a team of reliable volunteers to keep this organization operating.  We cannot continue in our mission without our volunteers! In scheduling the appropriate number of volunteers to cover all required tasks and shifts, we know the animals at PHS will receive the care they need and deserve.  While PHS is open to the public by appointment only, we are in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; animals do not know what vacations days are!  There is continuous work to be done at the facility to ensure that we are prepared to aid with any type of reptile encounter at any given moment. Animals at PHS that depend on us for survival.  Volunteer tasks may vary greatly:  feeding animals, cage break-down for cleaning and disinfecting, arranging habitats, laundry duties, washing dishes, raking pens and enclosures, food sorting and general property clean-up and maintenance. 

PHS volunteers play a vital role in the rescue and rehabilitation process.  If a PHS Representative cannot physically get to an animal in need, we cannot treat the animal.  Volunteers may be called upon to act as rescuers in certain situations.  Volunteer rescuers respond to calls from PHS regarding an animal in need or danger, then head out to assess the situation or retrieve the animal in distress. You can play a direct role in saving animal lives!

There are additional opportunities to transport donations (such as food or supplies), participate at fund-raising events, help in landscaping and construction projects, assist in administrative duties, and even educate the community about coexisting peacefully with native wildlife.  We want your volunteering experience at PHS to be as comprehensive as your particular skill set and interests.

Each and every PHS volunteer position is important, be it large or small; however, volunteering for PHS is a privilege, not a right.  Serious commitment is required and responsible work ethic is necessary in every task to provide the very best care for the animals we assist.  The work is difficult, not glamorous and volunteers will get dirty from head to toe, but it is very rewarding.  Most people will never have experiences like the ones you will have at PHS and we hope they are so memorable and exciting that you’ll never forget them!


We offer volunteer opportunities to individuals age 16 and above. However, if you are under 18 years old, we will need a permission form signed by a parent/guardian at the time of orientation or acceptance into the program. Prior animal experience is not necessary, but a desire to help wildlife is. 

To be part of the program, fill out the volunteer application form which you can download on the left where it says "Volunteer Application Download"

Scan it (or take photos of it) and email it to joe@phoenixherp.com 

We’ll email you once we've reviewed your application, so please be sure to provide an accurate and legible email address. 

Those age 15 and younger who still have a desire to help are encouraged to participate in our Youth Volunteer Program.

For information about community service or group volunteering opportunities, please contact us directly.

If you have any questions on the program or an application you've submitted, please email us.  If you are interested in more information about our volunteer programs fill out the form below.

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