Venomous Snake Training Course

Our Venomous Snake Training Course is a 3-hour long training session led by a PHS staff member and includes a 1.5 hour lecture component.  In the lecture, participants learn about:

  • Benefits of Snakes
  • Snake Myths & Fun Facts
  • Snake Diversity & Life Histories
  • Snake Conservation Issues, especially regarding Venomous Snakes
  • How to Identify Venomous vs. NonVenomous Snakes
  • Native Arizona Snakes
  • Different Types of Snake Venom
  • And More!

Following the lecture is the hands-on training portion of the course.  Participants will observe and learn from the PHS staff member while he/she shows the proper procedures & tools for relocating a snake.  This is first done with a non-venomous snake, then once the instructor approves participants' procedures with the non-venomous snake, the group moves on to a live rattlesnake.  This hands-on portion of the training is critical to understanding the various factors that go into relocating or interacting with a venomous snake at all.  Each participant is given ample time to perfect and fine tune their own relocation technique with the live rattlesnake and then receives feedback from the PHS instructor about their performance and tips for the future.

The PHS Venomous Snake Training Course is designed for law enforcement officers, animal control officers, maintenance teams, and homeowners with an interest in reptile conservation and rattlesnake identification and relocation. 

Cost is $75 per person, with an optional upgrade to include tongs & a bucket.  The optional upgrade is an additional $75 and can be set up at the time of registration or at the Venomous Snake Training Course.

Sign up for one of our public classes by checking the calendar. 

To schedule a private class for a corporate office, email our Director of Outreach Katelyn Garcia at